Harlequin UK Submission Guidelines

Opportunity for storytelling diverse romance!

Harlequin UK (Mills & Boon) in partnership with the Inclusive Romance Project has developed a special submission call exclusively for IRP members for the category romances below. Please see the Editor's Wish List of tropes and characters below and click on the submission button to see the specific instructions associated with that category. Be sure to read carefully and if you have any questions, please email us.

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Important Submission Notes:

Deadline: September 1, 2022 11:59:00 PM CT

  1. Please add the hashtag #InclusiveRomanceProject to your submission cover letter for tracking purposes.

  2. Provide a brief synopsis (1-page max) of your manuscript with your first chapter submission. This will give editors an idea of where your story (and HEA) is going.

We are looking forward to your submissions and good luck to all our members!


Q: Do I have to submit a whole manuscript for this pitch?

A: No. This pitch only requires submission of the 1st chapter and a brief synopsis for all categories below. Harlequin UK (M&B) will review and provide feedback on your first chapter. If they like what they see, they'll request more as and when it's available from the author. No rush!

Q: Do I have to be an author from the UK or have my story set in the UK to participate?

A: No on both counts. Diversity matters.

Q: Which POV is preferred for these categories?

A: Though 3rd person is typical, there's no rule here. Choose the POV that works for you and your story.

Q: What does "M&B" stand for?

A: So M&B actually stands for Mills & Boon which is what Harlequin is called in the UK (and Australia and many other countries!).

Q: Is this a one-time IRP/M&B pitch event or will there be more in the future?

A: At this time we're focusing on the success of this event, but both Kharma & M&B are open to future pitch events like this!

Historical Romance

  • Any time period from ancient civilizations up to 1950s. Particularly looking for Regency romances.

  • Feel-good or sexier/higher sensuality voices

  • Underrepresented voices/characters

  • LGBTQ+ authors/characters

Romance (M&B True Love)

  • Higher sensuality for the series (not explicit/erotica)

  • Exotic locations – deliver on the armchair travel promise

  • Older heroes and heroines (40s/50s)

  • Underrepresented voices/characters

  • LGBTQ+ authors/characters

  • Royalty, Cinderella, billionaires, pregnancy, second chance/reunion, friends to lovers, are all themes that readers love in Romance

Medical Romance

  • Veterinary stories

  • Exotic locations

  • Lighter/feel-good or higher sensuality voices

  • Older heroes and heroines (40s/50s)

  • Underrepresented voices/characters

  • LGBTQ+ authors/characters

  • Single parents, babies/twins, Cinderella, second chances/reunion and a community feel, are all themes that readers love in Medical Romance

Presents (M&B Modern)

  • Rebellious heroines and penniless heroines

  • Iconic locations and real-world jet-set destinations

  • Reunion stories with hooky twists. E.g. A royal reunion, from lovers to working together, a marriage of convenience in danger, or a second chance for a Cinderella!

  • A blind-date scenario. But make it Presents! Think the set-up for the TV show Business Proposal.

  • Underrepresented voices/characters

  • LGBTQ+ authors/characters

  • Billionaires, one night with consequences, secret baby, marriage of convenience, Cinderella, are all themes that readers love in Presents

Romantic Suspense

  • First responders

  • Cowboys

  • Pregnancies

  • Revenge, women in jeopardy, espionage, family dynamics, Westerns, military/law enforcement, are all themes that readers love in Romantic Suspense

  • Underrepresented voices/characters

  • LGBTQ+ authors/characters