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Peeling the Onion: The Incomplete History of 20th-Century Romance

May 20, 2023  5p - 6pm CT

via Zoom

We’ll look at the rise of the genre’s most popular publishers as well as the explosive growth of romance in the 1970s and 1980s and the personalities and issues along the way. We’ll also consider how marginalized groups have carved out space for themselves in a genre that was hostile to them for decades and how that influences the way romance looks today.

#HEA or bust


About Our Guest

Steve Ammidown (he/him) is a Romance archivist and will share a great presentation on the history of the 20th-century Romance novel! This is an excellent way to dive in and for those who are still very new to the genre, this can be a very informative event. For me, I want to treasure the progression we've made thus far, and the work we still have ahead to have more stories heard!

Anti-Blackness in Romance

Feb 25, 2023  5p - 6pm CT

via Zoom

Come join us in a fireside chat with fantasy & paranormal romance author, R.M. Virtues (he/him) as we discuss the current issues with anti-Blackness in the Romance genre and what authors can do to practice more inclusive writing and community behavior.

IRP's founder, Kharma Kelley will moderate.

About Our Guest

R.M. Virtues (He/Him) is a mythology junkie, lover of love, and creator of worlds. He writes fantasy and paranormal romance about underrepresented characters who get to live and love in a history unabridged. When he isn’t busy conjuring romances, he can be found watching horror movies, playing fantasy video games, or eating Korean BBQ. He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his Funko Pop horror collection. You can find him online at or @rmvirtues on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Patreon.